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Research Facilities


We have full laboratory capabilities for molecular and cell biology work in human and animal models. Our lab has particular expertise and capabilities in fluorescence-based cellular analyses. We currently manage a live-cell imaging confocal microscopy facility and flow cytometry analysis and training facility.


Immunology Open Lab

Open concept lab accommodating up to 8 principal investigators.  The facility includes 4 large cell culture suites, complete molecular biology capabilities, flow cytometry and confocal microscopy, an immunophenotyping core facility and numerous additional instruments.


Flow cytometry

Our facility includes multiple FACS analyzers (8-16 parameter) and a high speed cell sorter within biosafety level 2 containment, managed by Dr. Christine Zhang.



Our microscopy facilities include several digital fluorescence microscopes as well as a 4 laser Zeiss Cell Observer spinning disk confocal with FRAP, photoactivation and TIRF capabilities for high speed live cell imaging.



Our MesoScale Discovery and BioPlex platforms provide multiplex analyses of biological fluids for measurement of numerous analytes with high accuracy over a wide dynamic range.

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